Welcome dear Brothers and Sisters, I AM Tim Zyphin – Cosmic Shaman, Psychic Healer,Soul Journey Facilitator and Light Language Activator. Welcome to my Blog! I am so excited to be able to connect with you. I created this blog to act as a portal in which I can share my wisdom with you and assist you in your own personal evolution to Expanded Consciousness, Enlightenment and Ascension. It isn’t just by chance that you’ve been guided here. You are now ready to further expand your consciousness and take things to a whole new level.

What is this blog all about?

This blog is all about assisting you to become free, free from the confines, fears, blocks and limitations that keep you from experiencing true inner peace, joy and happiness and radiant optimal health and vitality. Free from all that keeps you stuck in this 3rd dimensional physical reality and keeps you from experiencing and expressing your true multidimensional nature as Source. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience, not the other way around. I created this portal to assist in the Awakening and Ascension of Humanity and Mother Earth fully into the Golden Age that it has been destined to become, as well as to assist you to Awaken to your true Self, your true state of being and to recognize and realize the Divinity and the Infinite Light, Love, Power, Joy and Wisdom within Self, within others and within all creation. You are a powerful Creator. We are all intimately connected, there is no separation, for we are all ONE.

Major topics that I will cover in this blog and through my courses include:

  • Spirituality – Living from the Heart and developing the Midas touch
  • Meditation – Simple but very powerful spiritual practices and meditation techniques that will greatly accelerate your spiritual path and awakening
  • The way of the Shaman – Intermediary between Heaven and Earth
  • Healing – All healing is Self-Healing. You heal yourself and you heal the world
  • Golden Keys on the path to Enlightenment and Ascension
  • The Power of the Heart and Mind – Creating from a space of love
  • The Art of Manifestation – Becoming the master and the Creator of your life
  • Where are we from? Why are we here? – Our Cosmic origins
  • Our Star, Galactic and Universal Brothers And Sisters
  • The Multidimensional Ascended Masters of Love and Light
  • The Evolution of Consciousness for humanity and what this means for you
  • How you can evolve and Ascend with Mother Earth fully into the Golden Age
  • Ascension Activations to assist you on your path to Expanded Consciousness
  • The Power of Sound – Clearings and Activations through the Sonic Tones, Key Codes, Sacred Geometries, Frequencies and energies of the Cosmic Language of Light
  • …. And much much more!

Who Am I?

Tim Zyphin - Cosmic ShamanI AM Tim Zyphin. Born in the beautiful country of Australia. My journey begins when I was really young, a time in my early teenage years. I had a spontaneous awakening, an inter-dimensional experience in which I was contacted by one of my Star Guides, a Multi-Dimensional being that was to be my spiritual guide who would assist me on my path and my mission for this lifetime. I won’t get into the details of exactly what happened and what was said, but this experience sparked a memory within me and an awakening that expanded my consciousness and awoke me to my mission here on planet Earth. Things have never quite been the same.

It wasn’t until my later teenage years that things really started to accelerate for me. So many visions, dreams and spiritual experiences with many Multidimensional Beings of Light that continue to assist me on my path to this very day. I started to read a lot and was guided to explore many different spiritual paths, healing modalities, philosophies, meditation techniques and spiritual practices and I applied and integrated the knowledge I had attained into my being and into my life. So many amazing experiences have occurred on my journey and each has helped to awaken me and to further expand my consciousness. I have met some really amazing and beautiful people here on planet Earth as well as been inspired and assisted by many Multidimensional Beings of Light in my lifetime. It has been an amazing journey and now things have really accelerated, exponentially.

Shamanic HealingThe time is NOW! Mother Earth and Humanity is now in the process of a major awakening and is now fully ascending into the Golden Age and there are many huge transformations that have been happening and are going to be happening on the planet in the years to come. I recently had another huge awakening. One that put me further on the path and on my mission for this lifetime. I was guided to learn the way of the Shaman and was guided to integrate Shamanism into my healing and spiritual practices. I was told that it was important that I learn the way of the Shamans of the land of Pachamama/Mother Earth. It has now become the foundation of the work that I do, integrating the beautiful ceremonial and spiritual practices and teachings into my life and my way of being.

I then received the message that I would be helping to clear, activate and awaken people, activating their DNA and accelerating their enlightenment and ascension process through sound and sonic frequencies. Shortly after that I spontaneously started speaking the Language of Light and channeling a type of sound healing that can be likened to a fusion between the chanting of the Tibetan Monks and the sounds of the Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo. Since then everything has accelerated tremendously. My light language evolved very quickly and before you know it I was able to speak many of the Light Languages from here on Planet Earth to the many Star, Galactic, Universal, Cosmic and Multidimensional Light Languages throughout the cosmos. The energies and frequencies of the Multidimensional Masters and Consciousness Collectives that I channel has rapidly accelerated my own ascension and awakening.

Language Of LightI have been working with clients both as a Massage Therapist / Myotherapist and as a Spiritual Healer for many years and have found the Language of Light to be one of the most powerful forms of clearing, healing, activation and ascension acceleration. Integrating it into my healing sessions, meditations and into my spiritual practices has accelerated the transformations dramatically. The changes I have seen not just for myself personally but also for the people I work with has been phenomenal.

My love, my joy and my passion is to assist you, yes YOU!!!
1. To assist you to awaken you to the truth of who you are
2. To assist you to become free, free from the confines, fears, blocks and limitations that keep you stuck in “survival” and keep you locked in this 3rd dimensional physical reality
3. To assist you to let go of all that is holding you back from being the best that you can be
4. To assist you to experience inner peace, joy & happiness & optimal health & vitality
5. To assist you to become whole within yourself and to experience Divine Love, Divine Abundance and Divine Bliss in each and every moment, which is your Divine birthright
6. To empower you and assist you to fully step into your Power so that you can powerfully walk your path with ease and grace and create the life you want and deserve to live
7. To assist you to re-ignite the love, the joy and the passion within, awakening your innate gifts, talents and abilities as the powerful Multi-Dimensional Masters that you are
8. To assist you to uncover, discover and fulfill your Divine Path and Life Purpose for this lifetime

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If you would like to clear your mind, open your heart, receive deep transformational healing, experience more love, joy, peace and clarity in your life and rapidly transform and expand your consciousness, then I would love to personally support you on your journey. I offer a wide variety of powerful, spiritual, transformational healing arts and services that can assist you in your spiritual journey. If you are interested let me know. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂