Divine Love – Light Language Activation And Blessing

A Gift of Love, Healing and Blessings from the Divine and from me to you 🙂 In this powerful transmission I bring through the Key Codes, Ascension Upgrades and Multi-Dimensional Higher Light Frequencies of pure Divine Love through the Sacred Language of Light, helping to heal you and activate you at the deepest level. Clearing the mind, opening the heart and bringing through the energetic frequencies that will assist to take you to the next level in your Spiritual Evolution. We are beings of Divine Light, expressions of pure DIVINE LOVE, somewhere along the line we forgot this Sacred Truth. This transmission will assist you to remember and AWAKEN to the LOVE that you are. You are the Diamond in the mud, not the mud on the Diamond. As you continue to release all that does not serve and AWAKEN to the full of expression of who you are. you will start to embody and experience more LOVE, JOY, PEACE and BLISS within, which is you natural state of being. Enjoy 🙂

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