Language Of Light


Everything in the infinite cosmos is made up of light, love, energy, frequency and vibration. The language of light is the language of the soul. It is a universal language that allows you to experience the energies and frequencies from the many multidimensional realms throughout the entire cosmos from here on planet Earth all the way back to the heart of Source.

The languages of light are sonic frequencies, keys, light codes, sacred geometries, sounds, colours, energies, clearings, healings, information, activations and ascension accelerations that can rapidly and powerfully assist you in your awakening and in your own personal evolution to higher consciousness.

Language Of Light

It clears, cleanses and purifies your energy fields on all levels of your being  (physical, mental, emotional, etheric, spiritual) getting rid of the old and making way for the new. The frequencies and energies of the language of light can help to clear you and heal you at the deepest level. It can rapidly transform your consciousness, purifying your mind, body and lightbody as well as opening your heart to expanded levels of divine love and divine light.

The languages of light act as catalysts for powerful activations that can transform you on a cellular and genetic level. It works directly with your DNA, assisting to code you and awaken you to your full physical, spiritual and genetic potential. You see each and everyone of us has a life purpose, a divine path. We each play a role in the divine plan and have our own unique gifts, talents and abilities to be of service and share with the world. Some we are aware of, some we are not. The light language can help to powerfully unlock these memories and abilities that lay dormant within the cellular and genetic structure. The DNA is the key to these potentials and once activated will open you up to your full multidimensional awareness and abilities as the powerful spiritual masters that you are.

Light LanguageJust like the languages here on planet Earth, there are many different types, dialects and variations of the light language throughout the entire universe and cosmos. Some sound similar, others sound completely different. Each plays it role and has unique functions that can assist you in awakening and in your personal ascension process.

I work with many different Multidimensional Masters and channel there energies, frequencies, clearings, activations and ascension accelerations through their own personal unique languages of light. Those from here on planet Earth, to the many star, angelic, shamanic, galactic, universal and cosmic light languages.


In addition to the Language of Light, I also channel energies and sonic frequencies through another form of sound healing. It can be likened to a fusion between the sounds of the Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo and the deep chanting of the Tibetan Monks. I use a combination of both to offer a one two punch to powerfully shift and transform your consciousness. They complement each other perfectly. The sounds and energies from both the light language and the deep sonic frequencies are channeled. I work with Source and your I AM and the sonic codes, energies and frequencies come in and work to assist you on a personal and very deep level.

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If you would like to clear your mind, open your heart, receive deep transformational healing, experience more love, joy, peace and clarity in your life and rapidly transform and expand your consciousness, then I would love to personally support you on your journey. I offer a wide variety of powerful, spiritual, transformational healing arts and services that can assist you in your spiritual journey. If you are interested let me know. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂