Some experiences are difficult to articulate with words, therefore this testimonial will be barely scraping the surface of what an amazingly gifted healer and channeler Tim is. I have had two healing sessions with Tim now and have been blown away by his insight. Far beyond his years, his relaxed and sensitive approach makes you feel at ease, and his healing abilities will astound. I got so much out of both sessions, next time I need guidance and healing, he will be the first I turn to. Thank you Tim. – Deborah
I was lost but now I have found myself. I was going through what one may call a “dark night of the soul” type of experience. It was one of the most challenging times of my life. I didn’t understand what was happening, all I knew was that I felt alone and that I was digging myself a hole that felt impossible to get out of. Thankfully I found Tim. I am so grateful and appreciative for the healing, the channeling, the insights and the wisdom that you have gifted me. You assisted me to overcome lifetimes of pain, fear and suffering and transform it into love, joy and inner peace. You have opened up my heart and mind to the love that I am. Life has never been the same since. Thank-you for empowering me and helping me to re-ignite the love, the joy and the passion back into my life and into my career. – Danielle
I was so impressed with Tim’s wisdom and abilities during an initial massage that I had with him, that I decided to book in for some deeper healing. Words cannot express the experience really (lol to those who know), mixture of excitement and fear but overall just awe at the power I was witnessing. It pretty much feels like you are getting yelled at by a little green man from outer space! (lol) But everything that Tim channeled deeply resonated and brought up feelings and even memories from past lives that hadn’t been cleared. To say my life has come forth in leaps and bounds in this short period since I started working with Tim is an understatement. In a period of six months, I have stopped working in dead end jobs, found my calling in life, made a mense with my father who I have been holding a grudge against for 30 years, and just feel so much more like the person I’ve always wanted to be. It’s truly amazing. Granted YOU have to do the work also, but if you are ready to do so, Tim will prepare the ground for you and light your way. Besides all that, he would have to be one of the most beautiful and enlightened human beings (human being used loosely here haha!) I have ever had the pleasure and honour of knowing. I am forever grateful for the work you do Tim, truly THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
After having a massage and a 2 hour healing with Tim, I decided to attend a series of ascension meditation workshop that he was running. This ran over a period of 8 weeks of which I was able to attend 5. The best thing about these is that it’s a great way to compliment any other work you have or are currently undertaking with Tim. It keeps things from becoming stagnant by bringing up more and more blockages to your awareness and accelerates the rate at which you are able to process these. Tim holds the space at Zero Judgement Town and creates a safe space for healing and unravelling. Not like any other meditation workshop you have attended I can guarantee you that! But so effective, I found myself getting excited and looking forward to it every weekend wondering what I was going to uncover that week. It is truly an amazing soul journey and wish upon all of you, the growth, peace and self love that I have discovered here – Fran
Thank you Tim for helping me in my healing process. A great deal of stress has melted away from my consciousness. Tim’s healing work is powerful and life-changing. Tim is a clear channel to the spirit world. What is so great about these healing sessions is that you can work on a specific issue, often this is something that goes all the way back to childhood, such as poverty consciousness. After I had a session with Tim within weeks abundance started to flow into my life like I had never experienced before! He helps clear the unconscious blocks that keeps you from attracting the things you desire, it’s truly amazing. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone on the path of self-awareness. The world needs more true healers. – Narida
If you are interested in transforming yourself and/or your life in anyway then have a healing with Tim. I have had success working with Tim on various topics and areas of my life. After each session he leaves me feeling incredible and I notice changes almost instantly. Tim has made such a positive difference in my life it’s amazing. He has a very special and unique gift that I have never encountered before that truly works. He has helped me in ways that I never could’ve achieved on my own. I feel so grateful to have Tim in my life to assist me to heal, transform and live my life’s true purpose. He has a lovely kind nature and genuinely cares about helping people. Tim is the real deal and I highly recommend him as a healer. – Eliza
I’ve been looking for a professional top quality remedial massage therapist that could provide a good, strong, sports massage/deep tissue massage for years. I was about to give up when finally I found Tim. He fixed up a neck and shoulder problem that I had for months, in just one session. I was impressed! If you are an athlete, need a good strong treatment and need to be on top of your game, then I highly recommend Tim! – Matt
In 2010 I started experiencing neck & back pain, my fingers in my right hand started tingling and my right arm went completely numb. After 4 sessions with Tim the pain and numbness were gone. In the last 4 years I’ve seen different practitioners in order to find the source of the pain and treat it. Unlike many other practitioners, Tim gave me realistic expectations on how much relief I could expect from the treatment and brought my attention to my posture, workplace ergonomics and stretches that can help. Tim is a very professional myotherapist who genuinely wants to help you to get better. During the years Tim and I got to talk about various spiritual topics and he would always surprise me with his knowledge and understanding of spiritual aspect of life. I’ve learned… – Victoria

I’m a yoga teacher and I first went to see Tim because I was suffering terrible pain from the muscle tension and nerve pain caused by my hypermobile pelvis: it was starting to affect my ability to work. Now, no pain, unless I go too long between appointments. And I send my students to him – clearly I believe he’s the best! Nadine

Tim is a very personable, professional myotherapist. He listens to the needs of his client. I have been a regular client of Tim for some years now and my stress levels have decreased significantly. I was on a regular basis seeing physios for neck and back problems. I feel that I get better value for money as his rates are very reasonable and I have experienced less back and neck problems since I have been seeing Tim. I would highly recommend him. – Andrew

Since my first treatment with Tim about 3 years ago I haven’t gone to anyone else for a massage. Tim’s treatment is tailored, strong, consistent and makes me feel better straight away. He’s always punctual and professional. Also, being a conservative woman, Tim makes me feel totally comfortable having a male therapist. Tim was recommended to me, and I recommend him to anyone in need of a quality massage therapist. – Jace

I’m a long distance runner and Tim was first recommended to me over two and half years ago. He has greatly assisted me in overcoming issues I had with shin splints and more recently a calf strain. He has extensive knowledge on a wide range of massage techniques and I can personally vouch for his expertise in the areas of deep tissue and sports massage. If you’re looking for a well qualified, professional massage therapist who’ll give you great results, Tim’s your man! – Nick

I had been looking for a massage therapist who could provide a personal approach and not the usual “one size fits all” and Tim fulfills that perfectly. He listens to how you feel and tailors the session accordingly and he is trained in various techniques, e.g. trigger point therapy, that I find particularly helpful. I would recommend Tim to anyone looking for a skilled, caring massage therapist. – Cat

I’ve seen Tim several times for persistent pain in one shoulder. His deep tissue massage is excellent and I recommend him for anyone with a sports injury or repetitive stress pain (where deeper work is required). It is not easy to find a therapist who is as competent in deep tissue work. – Grant

Its been 2.5 years having treatment with Tim. I’ve had so many massages and I honestly couldn’t be happier finding Tim. Really good hands and amazingly finds all the knots and gets rid of them with the right pressure! There is no way I would go anywhere else now I just know it wouldn’t be the same. I highly recommend Tim as the treatment he gives is very effective with great results! Tim works professionally and he is very polite. Thanks heaps Tim, will see you again soon!! – Lynette

My massage with Tim was AMAZING! I have started working in an office again and back was seizing up so I just googled remedial massage and found Tim. After my massage I was a little sore which was to be expected but it was well worth it because on the second day after the massage my back felt so free from tension and my headaches were gone. I am now seeing Tim every couple of weeks so I can keep feeling this good! – Nick B

I had been suffering from back, shoulder and neck issues for many years and couldn’t find anyone that could help. After starting to see Tim almost 2 years ago I’ve never looked back. His deep tissue massage releases the tension and makes me feel relaxed and pain free. I now see Tim every 4 weeks to relieve all the built up tension from sitting in an office all day. I would definitely recommend Tim to anyone that is in need of a good massage therapist that knows exactly what he’s doing. – Helen

Finally found a new massage therapist Highly recommend Tim to anyone looking for a great massage! I hadn’t had a massage for a while, because the last few I had were dissapointing. One was in a gym, so I could hear all the loud music and the lights were so bright in a cold room. Not my idea of a nice massage experience! I like a really firm massage and Tim had just the right level of pressure for me. The only thing missing when I arrived was some nice oils burning and of course Tim was already onto it. He actually offered me a choice of oils to ensure it was what I liked. And, most importantly, in the middle of a very cold winter, the room was nice and toasty, you just have to keep yourself awake! Thanks so much Tim, you know I will definitely be back!! – Ionie

My partner and I had been looking for a massage therapist since moving to Melbourne. Tim was recommended by a colleague and we have both been back a number of times. He provided great relief in my lower back in recovering from a lumbar sprain. I responded really well to the combination of needling and deep tissue massage. We have both found his myotherapy treatments to be consistently excellent – strong and effective. He is easy to warm to and trustworthy so we feel quite relaxed in his presence. – Matt and Gabe

I have been seeing Tim for close to a year now. Tim provides me with the strong handed sports massage I need and always sends me out feeling more mobile and pain free! After suffering injury to my right hip and shoulder; countless referrals, and an abundance of money wasted, I came back to what I know and trust. Within my first session, I felt a huge change. My tension headaches were gone, I had greater range of motion and was not suffering the chronic pain I had been for many weeks. Although I live 2 hours east of Melbourne I am happy to make the trip because he’s worth it! – Michelle
For me, Tim ticks all the boxes – Does solid deep tissue massage every time – very good for elite sports recovery / maintenance (legs, glutes, hips etc) as well as general soreness – neck – back etc. Professional, reliable and a great person, interesting and in-tune on many levels himself – physically & spiritually. – Trent

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If you would like to clear your mind, open your heart, receive deep transformational healing, experience more love, joy, peace and clarity in your life and rapidly transform and expand your consciousness, then I would love to personally support you on your journey. I offer a wide variety of powerful, spiritual, transformational healing arts and services that can assist you in your spiritual journey. If you are interested let me know. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂