Third Eye & Pineal Ascension Activation Course

Third-Eye-Pineal-GlandThe 3rd Eye is our centre of spiritual vision and intuition, our inter-dimensional portal, our stargate to the Cosmos, the Divine Mind and the All-That-Is. It is our personal connection within that allows us to receive visions, messages and healing direct from our Divine Self and SOURCE.

In this fun, transformational 1 day journey we will discuss and explore powerful tools and techniques that will assist you to clear and activate your 3rd Eye and Pineal and open up your inner vision.

  • Learn about the 3rd Eye & Pineal & it’s visionary & intuitive abilities
  • Discover the relationship between the 3rd Eye,Pineal,Pituitary & Brain
  • Find out how the 3rd Eye and Pineal assists in the transmission of the Higher Multi-Dimensional Light frequencies and information into the Brain and the Physical Body and Light Body
  • Learn about common blocks that can stop you from experiencing visions
  • Clear your Mind, experiencing greater Love, Joy, Peace & stillness within
  • Connect to the Divine Mind, receiving visions, messages and healing
  • Discover transformational exercises and techniques that will help you to further clear, open and activate your 3rd Eye and Pineal and your visionary and intuitive abilities
  • Receive Powerful Chakra, Light Body, Sacred Geometry & DNA Ascension Activations through the power of Light & Sound, with the Multi-Dimensional energies and frequencies of the Language of Light, clearing and activating your 3rd Eye and Pineal and expanding your inner vision
  • Anchor and activate the Divinity Strands within the DNA, powerfully expanding the Brains capacity to receive and process information at a much more accelerated rate
  • Experience Powerful, Transformational Meditations and Sound Healing Journeys that will heal you and activate you at the deepest level, accelerating your path of HEALING, ENLIGHTENMENT and ASCENSION

3rd Eye ActivationReceiving the multidimensional energies and frequencies from the Light Language Activations is an amazing journey into the depths of your soul that will allow you to powerfully shift and transform yourself from within.

As you come into greater alignment & remembering of who you really are through the sonic frequencies & Light Language Activations, you will begin to let go & release all that does not serve you, receiving deep transformational healing.

Your 3rd Eye and Pineal will open, allowing the Divine Light and Divine Love that you are to illuminate you and shine from within, expanding your visionary and intuitive abilities, allowing you to experience more LOVE, JOY and INNER PEACE 🙂




INVESTMENT: $250 – Payment plans available. Payment can be made either with cash or direct to my bank account prior to the event (Please contact me to discuss)

WHAT TO BRING: Water bottle to keep hydrated, Lunch (there are places closeby for lunch as well), Cushion/Pillow for comfort, Pen and paper to take notes + your crystals or any sacred objects you feel guided to bring to receive the energies and activations

CONTACT: If you have any questions please contact me through my facebook page at through my email at or call or SMS me on 0448 633 801

RSVP: Please book your space for the course on the event page and by email or SMS to confirm your attendance and secure your place. Thank-you 🙂

PS: If you have any friends that you feel would be interested please forward them these details

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I really look forward to sharing this amazing journey with you 🙂

Love, Light and Laughter,

Tim Zyphin

Tim Zyphin – Cosmic Shaman, Psychic Healer, Soul Journey Facilitator, Light Language Activator

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